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The SAVVY Guide to Minor Pentatonic Scales

(in PDF format suitable for Apple or Android devices)

Concert Pitch, Bb Pitch, Eb Pitch and Bass Clef parts included.

All 12 Minor Pentatonic Scales ascending and descending.

Play-along audio files for every exercise available for FREE download.

Four tempos for every exercise, from 90bpm to 180bpm, in all 12 keys.

All exercises in all four transpositions, making this book an excellent practice resource for virtually any instrument. 

Our aim is to produce the best music education resources possible

Savvy Interactive Music Publishing is a company based in London (UK) creating and publishing interactive digital books specialising in music education. Our books are designed specifically for Apple Books and take full advantage of its interactive features making the experience much more like using an app than reading a book. 


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