Free Lesson #6 - Chord Tone Tests

Provided below is one example from a series of forty animated exercises designed to test how well you know the three most common chord symbols (maj7, min7, dom7). These randomised "flash card" exercises are timed (slow to fast) to challenge how quickly you can think of the note and play it on your instrument.


Playing the answer on your instrument, rather than just saying it out loud, makes these exercises much more challenging because of the additional brain to motor muscle process required. It also makes them much more useful because you have to process the information in "real" time, as you do when performing. Working through the tests in the book at all the different speeds will really help improve your reactions when reading chord symbols. 


Don’t worry too much about which octave you play the note in,
just focus on how fast you can react and play the chord tones. 


The challenge...

Can you play the note on your instrument before the computer does? 

Concert Pitch - all chords all pitches (3 secs)
Chord Tone Tests
Bass Clef - Min7 fifths (3 secs)
Chord Tone Tests
Bb Pitch - Maj7 sevenths (1 sec)
Chord Tone Tests
Eb Pitch - Dom7 thirds (2 secs)
Chord Tone Tests

This lesson is an extract from "Jazz Chord Symbols vol1" by Buster Birch, which is part of the "How To Learn To Improvise" series of interactive digital books. The book looks at the three most common types of jazz chord symbols (the ii-V-I) and how they function in all 12 keys. It includes… A clear and easy to understand explanation of jazz chord symbols in general, different chord types, diatonic harmony, the ii-V-I chord sequence, voicings and orchestration, all with notated examples and audio files to demonstrate and help recognise the different sounds (in all 12 keys)… A series of unique interactive flash card chord symbol tests to be played on your instrument (from slow to fast) to improve “speed of recognition” when seeing chord symbols and giving you a “real time” experience to challenge how well you know your chord symbols… Exercises and routines for learning ii-V-I chord sequences and backing tracks to practice within all 12 keys at various tempos.  


As with all of the books in the series, the audio examples are embedded and immediately available at the touch of a screen, making them extremely convenient to play along with. 


This book is available in Concert Pitch, Bb Pitch, Eb Pitch and Bass Clef. 


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